This evening, I tried to checkout my Google Analytics account and was surprised or rather shocked to see the result. I was using Google Chrome and the moment I tried to log on to this url –, to my astonishment I was redirected to, a chinese search engine.

For a moment I thought  I had mistyped the URL, guess what? It was I dont know what happened, it might be a chinese hacker’s work or an ordinary error but I’m sure it was kind of a hack. I say it because this has never happened before. We all trust Google but something like this is extraordinary or maybe it was a high level security breach.

I even have a proof for my part of the story, a screenshot. Its just an experience I would like to share with people who use Google Analytics or any other Google service.

Google hacked

One cannot negate the role of a chinese hacker who is up in arms against Google. It’s now time for Google to make their service more secure and hacker proof. I don’t know chinese. If anyone can make out what is written on this page (screenshot) drop in a comment. If anyone has also come across this incident then do let us know.