Is Gaming the only reason which is stopping you from making a switch from the Windows world to that of the Linux? Stop no more! The open source community has been actively developing a number of games for the Linux platform, and all of them are as fun to game-on on a Linux system as on their Windows counterparts.

Here is a list of Top 10 Ubuntu Linux Games and perhaps the best Games available for Linux. You can even download these Linux Games for free.

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

First Pesron Survival Game

Amnesia: The Dark Descent was previously also known as Lux Tenebras. This game falls under the category of first person survival horror games. It took Frictional Games three years to develop Amnesia: The Dark Decent. Though only a demo is for free, but the developers have made sure that it works without a glitch on any latest Linux distribution.Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare. Playing Amnesia: The Dark Decent gives you a scary gaming experience in it's creepy pathways and rest assured, it will chill you to the core.The story unfolds from a locus of zero knowledge where you are put into the shoes of Daniel, a young man from London. You wake up in the dark halls of Brennenburg Castle and you realize that you know nothing about your past, the only thing you remember is your name. Now you must use your wits and skills to hide from the enemies since you don’t even have access to weapons like guns or knives.

Stunnning 3d graphics, dynamic sound experience, incredulously realistic physics simulation all resonate to give you an unforgettable horror experience in this game of finding your way out of the dark alleys you descend.To download Amnesia demo-Click here


First Pesron Survival Game

Its fast pace & original game play makes it an exciting venture for the gamers. Spawns, which provide the teams with reinforcements to replace their killed players, are an important structure in the game. The primary aims in the game are to, create & maintain your base, besides fighting the enemies.

Attractive points:

  • The gamer can proceed in the game in two ways, either as human or an alien. As human you can utilize various weapons, armors & other equipments to upgrade yourselves. As aliens, by earning evos, player can evolve into new & stronger forms.
  • A feature that distinguishes TREMULOUS from the rest of FPS/RTS games is that you are not bound to commander view. All the action takes place from First person perspective.
  • Awesome graphics, with an average audio quality, makes it a likeable game.

To download TREMULOUS -Click here


Soccer Game

A super fun game with some unique kind of soccer. It’s a game of fast paced, three-on-three soccer, with some exciting & over-the-top moves, that one can barely imagine in real soccer. The players can punch the opponents & use their special abilities as well to make it a special gaming experience.There are different teams to choose. The characters of the teams are no-ordinary too. Wrestlers, Surfers, and Scotsmen form the different line-ups.

The game provides practice, tourney, quest, exhibition & a challenge mode. It also consists of two mini games in it, Hot potato & Brawl. It’s a game to enjoy.

To download Slam Soccer -Click here


First Pesron Shooter Game

A Tactical & Shooting game, that gives a fun experience of first person shooting & tactical strategizing against the enemies.

A good variety of arms, from auto-rifles to sniper guns to grenade launchers, lets the gamer explore & play the way you want. Its Hollywood style game play makes it all the more interesting and engaging.

Players can carry a limited number of weapons in the given slots according to their choice. Damage registration, which consists of four parts & stamina system, which is based on the actions & movement of the player are also good.

The power sliding, wall jumping & more such features make it an exciting package to play. The motto 'Fun over Realism' seems to come true to quite some extent in this game.

To download Urban Terror -Click here


Real Time Strategy Game

Unlike the rest of massive multiplayer games, Savage-2 presents a blend of ‘Role playing gaming’, ‘First person shooting’ & ‘Real time strategy’, which provides a playing experience like never before for the gamers.

Its an addictive & engaging game, that gives the gamers to proceed in two different ways in the game. As a human or a beast. The objective is quite simple, to save our base & destroy the opponent’s base at all costs. In addition to humans & beasts, there are also ‘hellbourne’, which play a pivotal role in the game in later stages.A fantasy & sci-fi game with some excellent graphics & good audio quality. The interactive tutorial makes it easy for the beginners to understand the game. A treat to play, indeed.

To download Savage-2 -Click here


2D Motocross Platform Game

A simple & fun game where the player is required to collect all the strawberries to finish a level, along with touching a flower.The basic game play is quite simple, but the simulated physics, that plays a vital role in this game is slyly different from the rest of the game, of its class.The features of saving the replays & ghost-driver make the game play interesting. Simple graphics & the sparse audio tunes are not at all distracting, & lets the gamer play coolly.

The simplicity of this linux game, makes it interesting and enjoyable. To download X-Moto -Click here


Flight Simulator Game

This game really gets close to the real world. No killing or defending yourselves in a pursuit. No fights & no useless blood shed. A simple & fantastic flight simulator game that helps you feel the experience of being in the pilot’s seat in a cockpit, sitting in front of your computer.The game hosts a wide range of  options in the airplanes and some very accurate maps to explore. In the latest version, more dynamic version of the world are developed with finer & better details.

Flight gear is a pure & excellent flight stimulator game, that gives an enthralling experience to the gamer.

To download Flight gear -Click here

8. WARZONE 2100

Real Time Strategy Game

This is an awesome ‘real time strategy’ and ‘real time tactics’ hybrid game. Warzone 2100, follows the abc formula that almost all the other games in its category follow: a. gather your resources, b. construct & maintain the base you have built, and c. engage yourself in enemy defenses. Its an extremely fast paced game, with great looks due to the superb video quality, high resolution and a great 3D engine.It also provides loads of options for the choice of weapons, and provides various game modes. The game emphasizes on coordinating the ground attack, using the sensors and radars to locate the units. Every level, excluding the first and last have time limits.

An indulging game with great graphics and video quality, Warzone 2100 is a game to play.

To download Warzone 2100 -Click here


Real Time Strategy Game An enjoyable 3D game, which gives the gamers the fun of ‘real-time strategy', gaming. In this medieval-fantasy game, the gamer has to control two factions.Tech faction mainly comprises of the commonly used human warfare techniques and equipments. Whereas, Magic  faction is mainly for the advanced players, with lack of some features like hand-to-hand combat, but provides a more versatile and fresh way of warfare.

This game has much more content and many new improvements than the original one. Thus a more adventurous game overall, to play.  To download Megaglest -Click here


First Person Shooter Game A fabulous first person shooter game. It's a 3D death match game with some high quality visuals and great resolution-textures. Except a few, most of the sound effects are impactful. However the electronic music makes up for it.

A very fast paced game play keeps the gamer glued to the game. Though Nexuiz is primarily a multiplayer game. But also provides a full single-player campaign. Besides the death match mode, it also provides multiple game modes, like team death match, capture the flag, domination, etc.Overall, an enthralling First person shooter game with top class visual quality.

To download Nexuiz -Click here