Google giant has yet again stumbled us with its new out of the box innovation, Google TV. With Google TV, Google plans to connect the Web with TV. Its certainly not clear how the media market will react to it, but Google's ambition is to break all boundaries and creep into every corner of the earth. Google points out that there are more than five billion people who watch TV across the world and which out numbers the mobile and computer users. Beside everything, Google TV is going to be the best digital innovation of the 21st century. Google TV will allow us to watch TV programmes as well as browse web on the TV simultaneously. The best thing they talked about is that the iPhones and Android-based smartphones are going to work as our TV remote.

Google also plans to invite developers to develop apps and support for Google TV.

Like Google Android, Google promises that Google TV is also going to be an Open source product. Now the question is; Do we really want this 'Google TV ?'. Well its the user's privacy and pricing that will decide whether Google TV is going to be the next big thing or not. Lets wait and watch and hope that we will be able to enjoy watching TV like we enjoy today.

Below is an excerpt from the Google TV official website:

>Television meets the search engine

Google TV lets you search across every channel, every app, and the entire web, simultaneously.

Google Tv search

>Browse the web

Not just some of it. All of it.

Google Tv Web

>Apps. On your television.

Your smartphones has apps. Now your TV does too. Every developer will be able to create their own app.

Google Tv Apps

> Use your phone as remote control.

Control your TV with your phone, and even use your voice to search.

google TV phone remote

> Tv gets a home page.

The home screen is customizable, giving you quick access to your favourite channels, apps and websites.

Google Tv Home page concept

>TV. Web. Or both.

Switching between TV and web is seamless. You can even watch both at the same time.

Google TV all in one Web+ TV

> Search and record.

If you'are a DISH Network subscriber, you'll enjoy enhanced features like recording and DVR access right from the search bar.

Google TV Search and record

>Google TV works with your TV, Satellite, Cable and Internet

What else can we ask for.

Google TV for Cable, TV, Satellite, Internet

Wait we are not yet finished, the last slide was the coolest one, where they said "The coolest thing about Google TV is that we dont even know what the coolest thing about it will be." ;)

>>Video: Sneak peak at the apps for the Google TV.