Pixlr editor: The best online Photoshop

I have made a new year greeting card for bOtskOOl readers and fans using an online image creator/editor at Pixlr. I just love it. The editor didn't take time to load in my browser and I couldn't believe that we can actually save our work with layers in a ".PXD" file format using an online image editor.

So this is what I made from scratch (using picture URLs only) on the Pixlr Editor.

botskool happy new Year 2011 greeting card free

Click here to edit the greeting card.

Pixlr Editor and its features.

> About:

Pixlr editor is a flash based online image/photo editor. It is one of the best photo editor which has the ability emulate the Adobe photoshop or other desktop editor in a web browser. Its really fast and has enough feature to wrap up some quick photoshop work. Pixlr editor also has its API which can be used by anyone to create an editor of his own. Pixlr also supports more than 24 different laguage and still counting.

Pixlr editor workspace

> Tool Box:

Pixlr tool box has some awesome tools like clone stamp and magic wand. I found it really easy to adapt with Pixlr. All the stuffs are not exactly as on Photoshop, but yes nearly same. For eg. when you have to resize a layer, select the layer and go to the edit menu and then select Free transformation to rotate, resize and flip the layer. There is a range of brush and you can even define a custom brush from edit menu.

pixlr tool box
pixlr editor workspace

> Window View:

Like Photoshop, Pixlr editor has a Navigator view, Layer view, History and the workspace. The layer view has all the essential stuff which includes opacity, visibility, layer styling, layer order, layer mask, etc. The navigation and history window are also cool and work perfectly.

> Working with Images:

What really impressed me is that this editor has the ability to import image from Desktop, URLs, Facebook, Picasa and Flickr. And it doesn't upload images from your desktop to the sever only. So essentially it saves your time looking for images and that proves that it is really portable. Moreover, it allows us to customise the image format(.jpg, .bmp,.png, .pxd) and quality before saving.

> Preset filters and adjustments for Image enhancement:

One can enhance images using various "adjustments", like hue saturation, septia and color lookup. Apart from adjustments there is a long list of filters including Gaussian blur and noise. Experienced designers can really make good stuff using Pixlr editor.

However, I can't assure for a 100% photoshop experience and for the record the new year greeting card (image above) was saved with 100% quality where as other images in this post has been resized and saved with 80% quality, which in fact makes Pixlr editor comparable to Photoshop. And some times while working with the layers, one of them some how got stuck at the top but I was able to recover my work by saving it in ".pxd" and then restarting the app from its URL.

Anyway, overall its handy and works like the an online Photoshop.

Simply click here to edit the .pxd file (wait for editor to load) of the new year greeting card that I 've made or download the .pxd file to edit it online using Pixlr Editor and share it with your friends.

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Wish you all a very happy new year! (2011)

Cheers :D