GOOGLE DESKTOP is not just another desktop gadget manager but a lot more than that. It enables you to integrate your computer and web search into one search platform. One can keep track of google mails,chats,PC files,photos,etc all in one place and add cool gadgets to the GOOGLE DESKTOP from the Gadget gallery. Google desktop has flexible views from sidebar to sleek Deskbar. Just casually leave your favorite gadgets anywhere on the desktop and enjoy your gmail and news updates, isn't it cool? It's a light ~2MB software and one can download and install GOOLGE DESKTOP for any platform.

Google desktop installation screen


Quick Search Box:

quick serch

Just press "CTRL" button twice and search box appears on the desktop. Search anything and press "CTRL" button twice to hide it. It's fastest way to search, isn't it.

Multiple File Types:

Google Desktop automatically indexes file types, and allows you to search the full text, like PDF,excel,ppt,mp3,zip,etc types of files.

Google Gadgets and Sidebar:


Download your favourite gadget and place them on your desktop or on the cool sidebar. It give you first hand access to the news and latest updates from the gadgets. Sidebar looks cool and is always on the right of the window which helps in multi-tasking.

Deskbar and Floating Deskbar:


If you want to keep your desktop clean just change your view to Deskbar or Floating Deskbar, that's it.

Lock Search:


Well you can even restrict the GOOGLE DESKTOP search by Locking it. Hence you can protect your search from other users.

Develop you own Gadgets for GOOGLE DESKTOP:


If you are an avid coder or an average geek then you can even develop your own gadget.

Download: (~2MB) -click on the appropriate link below

Windows XP/Vista/7 | Linux | Mac OS

Gadget Gallery: Google Desktop has got amazing list of Free Gadgets ranging from BBC news & radio to soccer updates. Go check them out..

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