To Uninstall a .apk file is a lot easier than installing it. Open your Android SDK emulator and follow these instruction to Uninstall the application installed on your Android emulator. Let us suppose that we have already installed a Sudoku application, as given in installation tutorial, and we want to uninstall it. It can be done in the following methods:-

METHOD #1 [easy]

Sudoku installed on android emulator
settings on android
application settings on android
manage applications on android

>>Click on menu and then select settings icon >> Click on applications tab>>Go to Manage applications

Uninstall .apk  files
Click on uninstall button
Uninstall successfull

>>Select the appropriate application to uninstall, (here it is) Sudoku>> Uninstall Button will appear, click on it and follow the instructions to remove or uninstall the Sudoku application.

Press the menu button on the emulator and you will notice that the Sudoku application disappears from the main grid view. Isn't that simple?, no command line or complex trick involved.

Let's do it other way round, using command line.

METHOD #2 [command line]

Go to Start>>run>>cmd (open a windows command prompt or shell) and type the following commands "highlighted in bold orange".

cd e:\android-sdk-windows\tools\

comments: we do this in order to change our directory level to folder location where the emulator is installed, and in our tutorial it's installed in "e:\android-sdk-windows\tools"

adb shell ls data/app

comments:Since we know that Android is linux based, so we use ls command to see which application we have to uninstall. It lists the application's exact name and location.

adb shell rm data/app/com.androidcan.asudoku.apk

comments: Android emulator command to uninstall or remove the Sudoku application.

adb shell ls data/app

Comments: To check if com.androidcan.asudoku.apk has been erased or not.

Actual Command line view

uninstall .apk files in android emulator command line instruction

You will find that application or .apk file has been removed successfully. Also look into your emulator, you will not find any Sudoku application.

To Uninstall directly from Android Mobile-

NOTE: Both the methods can be used to remove any application from android Mobile phone too. For second method you will need shell access in your Android to give shell command, and modify your command to only direct linux shell commands.

ls data/app

rm com.androidcan.asudoku.apk

Uninstall successfull

That's all.Enjoy.

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