Poll system on a website gives the ability to quickly and effectively get valuable information and feedback from the user community. It will help you find out the type of content people want to see on your website. And once you start writing on such topics, it encourages your visitors to return over and over again. Additionally this helps in increasing your search engine traffic. Joomla has in-built Poll system which you configure with the help of Poll manager.

As an example we will create a poll on Which one is better? with the following options to choose from - PHP or ASP. Just follow the steps given below -

  • Open the Joomla administration section and click on Components->Poll present in the menu.
Joomla administration menu
  • Click on the New button.
Create new poll
  • In the Details section enter the desired title which in our case is - "Which one is better?". And in the Options section fill in Option 1 and Option 2 as PHP and ASP respectively. Also choose the Published option as Yes. After this click on Save.
New Poll Joomla
  • Now go to Extensions -> Module Manager from menu.
Module Manager in Joomla
  • Next click on New as shown below.
New Module
  • The New Module page will open up. Select Poll and click on Next.
New Module page
  • Now in the Module Parameters section from the dropdown list choose the new poll which you have created. Enter an appropriate title for this poll and choose Yes for the label Enabled. After this click on Save.
New Poll

Thats all now you just go and visit your website in a browser and you will see the new poll there.

Joomla New Poll