How to configure Gmail in Outlook?

Configuring MS exchange email accounts in Outlook is pretty easy, however getting started with Gmail on Outlook was not that straight forward. When I tried to auto configure Gmail account on Outlook I got message from google that “Google Account: Sign in Attempt blocked”. It left me frustrated but I was glad to find a way to configure Gmail in Outlook.

I have listed some steps which will tell you exact methods to configure Gmail in Outlook. Before you start on outlook, we need to configure Gmail for IMAP (two way sync) service for our Outlook client.

Change Gmail Settings

1.Enable IMAP in Gmail: From Gmail Setting enable IMAP and ensure that other IMAP settings  are set to default as shown below

Enable Gmail IMAP Setting

2. Disable Gmail Secure Logon Security: Unlock Captcha and enable access to less secure app on Gmail. Google accounts now have strict security for third party email clients and unfortunately you need to lessen your Gmail security to to use Outlook or other client.

Configure Gmail account in Outlook

1.Disable “Save copies of Messages in Sent Item folder” for Outlook: You need to go to Outlook Tools> Options > Preferences > Email : Email Options and uncheck “Save copies of Messages in Sent Item folder” under emailing. We need to do this to avoid duplicates of sent items. This will help in easy configuration on Gmail on Outlook.

Disable save copies in outlook with gmail
Disable save copies in outlook with gmail
Disable save copies in outlook with gmail uncheck
Disable save copies in outlook with gmail uncheck

2.Add an account in Outlook: Now go to Outlook Tools> Account Setting > New: Click on new  to add a new Gmail account in Outlook.

Add an account in Outlook with Gmail

3.Manual Account Setup: In account setting skip the auto-setup and check “Manually configure server setting or additional types”. This will allow us to add IMAP settings for Google. Under Choose Email service select “ Internet Email” for POP/IMAP

Manual Account setup IMAP Gmail on outlook
Manual Account setup IMAP Gmail on outlook

4.Configure Google IMAP and account details: Fill in Gmail default or Gmail App email ID and IMAP server details as given below –

User info

Your Name: First Name Last Name

Email Address:  [email protected] or [email protected]

Server Info

Accoount Type: IMAP

Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server:

Logon Info

Username: [email protected] or [email protected]

Password: yourpassword

Google IMAP setting configuration on Outlook

5.Enable secure SSL connection in Outlook Account: Before you test account setting, click on  “More settings” button:

  • Goto Outgoing Server tab and select “My Outgoing server (SMTP” Requires authentication” via same settings.
outgoing server security outlook gmail
  • Goto Advance Tab and define SLL encryption with Incoming Server IMAP port 993 and TLS encryption outgoing server SMTP port 587
SSL server security outlook gmail

6.Test Account setting: After SSL and TLS encryption settings are done, click on Test account settings. This is first test incoming connection via IMAP and then outgoing connection via SMPT. If everything was configured as said above then you will get success message.

Test Account setting for Gmail on outlook

Now Press F9, Outlook will start syncing your Gmail account. Wait for few hours while your emails are synced.  Let me know in case you are facing any issue with Gmail outlook sync, I’ll be happy to help. Leave your comments below.

Press F9 for Gmail to sync on Outlook

Disclaimer: botskool will not be held responsible in case your Gmail account gets compromised because you had to unlock capcha and allow less secure apps via Google settings to enable Outlook sync.

Official Gmail IMAP references:

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