How to change author attribution on all posts at once in WordPress

Want to transfer post from one author to another? Perhaps you initially created all your posts with the administrative user as author and now you want delegate them to another user. Transferring posts is very easy in WordPress and can be done on post management page. Say initially all your posts were authored by default admin user.

WordPress post by admin

In this article we will change the author attribution from admin to some other author, say shashwat. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Posts -> All Posts.
WordPress Post Management page
  • As you can see all the posts are currently by admin, as shown in the above screenshot. Select all your posts by clicking on checkbox adjacent to Title column.
WordPress select all posts by admin
  • Next, click on Bulk Actions dropdown and choose Edit option as shown below. And, click on Apply.
WordPress Bulk Action
  • Change your author in the Bulk Edit window as highlighted below. Click on Update.
WordPress change author
  • That's it! Now all the selected posts will have the new author.
WordPress posts author changed
WordPress post author changed to new one