How to solve DNS error in BSNL network connection

How to solve DNS error in BSNL network connection

Today I had some problem with my BSNL net connection. I was able to establish a network connection but couldn't access any website. Turned out that the problem was with BSNL DNS servers. I was surprised to know that sometimes BSNL DNS servers don't work. I found an easy solution, you just need to change your DNS settings and use an external DNS server instead of your ISP's.

Before you begin, you need to make sure that the problem is with DNS and not otherwise. To diagnose and rectify the DNS error follow the instructions below -

  • Open your browser and try accessing via its IP address which is i.e. just type in IP address in your browser and if you are able to access botskool website this means that the problem is with DNS servers of your ISP.
  • You can also try this out via command line. Click on Start and type cmd in search and open a command line window. Now execute this command - ping as shown below.
  • If you get the output as shown above that means you have a problem with your ISP's DNS servers.

How to fix DNS error?

Fixing DNS problem is very easy. All you need to do is that configure your network adapter to use a different DNS server. You can use either Google Public DNS or OpenDNS.

Google Public DNS

For Google Public DNS you need to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers. And similarly for OpenDNS you need to use IP addresses and

There are various advantages of using Google Public DNS -

  • Speed up your browsing experience.
  • Be more secure.
  • Get the results you expect with absolutely no redirection.

How to configure your network adapter ? (for Windows)

To configure your network adapter to use one set of the IP addresses listed above do the following -

  • Go to your Network Connection Properties window. And select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.
Network Connection Properties
  • Now choose the option - Use the following DNS server addresses and then enter one set of the IP addresses as shown below.
Change DNS server addresses
  • Now try to access any website! Your internet should work fine.