Google has launched its first ever Video Doodle. For those of you who don't know what a doodle is, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia - A doodle is a type of sketch, an unfocused drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.

Google had introduced this concept of showing doodles of its logo way long back. But it has never tried a video version of the doodle.

Google first video doodle

This doodle is a pencil/charcoal drawing which resembles the word Google. Towards the bottom right of the picture there is a red button, just click on it and viola! The image will be replaced by a Youtube video. This short video features the song Imagine in the memory of John Lennon, who was the soul of The Beatles.

So what are you waiting for!? Open Google's homepage now!

Or you can watch the Youtube video embedded below.