First look at new Avatar of Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx) 10.04

By this time you must have heard a lot about final release of new Ubuntu 10.04, code name Lucid Lynx it’s going to be one of the most beautiful and clean linux distro of the decade. Canonical's earlier release, ubuntu 9.10, was criticised for its look. But this time around they have come up with something astonishing and pleasing for linux lovers. Any linux newbie would love to give it a try.

No matter how much Windoz and Mac users flaunt their commercial OS, yet again Open source Ubuntu has got a lot more to offer from clean beautiful purple + black desktop theme to ready to use softwares for your social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and ubuntu one Music store for all those music lovers.

ubuntu 10.04

What's so Lucid about Lynx?

  • Window buttons are on the left, new social apps, new theme, and much more exciting and convincing upgrades.
  • The left hand side window buttons is bit odd but a change is an attempt to give you something better, don't forget its free.
  • The new purple black theme looks pro as compared to earlier version, but one has to agree that people will take time to accept the change.
  • The new Ubuntu Music one concept in rythmbox is something innovative and different but time will tell us how its going to benefit dummy desktop users.
  • Ubuntu One will still take time to get popular.
  • In short 10.04 is more elegant or least to say competitive and classic Linux distro.

Be patient, stable Lucid Lynx is definitely going to be one of the best release of Ubuntu Genre.

Those who have tried it out, let us know about the new Lucid Lynx.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Here we go..

Hail Team Ubuntu!!

visit and go grab yourself a copy of a new Avatar of Ubuntu..