With the launch of Facebook's New Graph API now you can add a variety of social plugins to your website with just one or two lines of HTML code. These social plugins by Facebook can really help you to promote your website or blog virally.

When user interacts with one of these social widgets on your website this activity gets listed in their Facebook News Feed or appears on their Facebook Wall. This is shared among friends of that particular user and the whole cycle just keeps on repeating itself eventually driving more traffic to your website. Plus these widgets give a more personalized experience to your users.

The new Facebook Social Plugins are listed below -

Plugin Name            Screenshot                                    Like Button

Facebook Like Button


Facebook Recommendations

Login with Faces

Facebook Login with Faces


Facebook Comments

Activity Feed

Facebook Activity Feed

Like Box

Facebook Like Box


Facebook Facepile

Live Stream

Facebook Live Stream

A brief description about each Facebook Social Plugin -

  • Like Button - The most useful and effective social plugin. The Like button lets users share pages from your site back to their Facebook profile with one click which ultimately get shared between their friends. Read this tutorial to learn how to add Like Button to your own website.
  • Recommendations - This plugin suggests user pages on your website to visit based on his/her past interaction with your website and various other parameters.
  • Login with Faces - This plugin shows a login button along with a list of various user's friends who have already joined your website.
  • Comments - Another very attractive and useful plugin. It allows users to post comments on any post or article present on your website.
  • Activity Feed - This plugin displays a user who visits your website what his/her friends are doing on your website.
  • Like Box - Provides with an option to Like your Facebook Page and displays it activity stream also.
  • Facepile - Shows a list of friends of the current user on your website who have already signed up for your site.
  • Live Stream - The Live Stream plugin lets users on your website share their activity and comments in real-time as they interact during a live event.