Facebook Application for Desktops

If you are an avid "Facebooker" and love to check facebook updates every five seconds, then this light weight and glossy "Facebook Desktop" software/app is made for you. Of course it has its advantage like you don't have to peep into your browser every now and then to check your updates and there are no unwanted Facebook ads. Facebook Desktop is freely available for all three desktop platforms - Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

facebook desktop software notification

Facebook Desktop is a light weight Adobe air based desktop client which starts like any other messenger client software on your system tray and it displays Facebook updates automatically in the form of glossy notification.

facebook desktop software how to update your status

One can pause the Facebook updates, replay recent five updates, update status and even modify the notification, friend request, etc settings by right clicking the Facebook tray icon. It may not be the best desktop software but yes its handy and cool.

Download the FREE software/app- Facebook Desktop

By the way I'm using "India" theme for windows 7, you can also download the beautiful theme from the official Windows 7 website.

Some more Screenshots-

Facebook desktop software login window
facebook desktop right click options
facebook desktop software settings window

Note: Facebook Desktop is not an official Facebook Desktop app.

[via labnol.org]