Best of MP3 and MEDIA App list for ANDROID

Google's ANDROID mobile OS is going to be the next big thing and we all know that Motorolla is already into Android business with MOTOROID and other big players are waiting to dive in. In the coming future ANDROID is going to give tough competition to Apple's i-Phone .

If you are bored with the default Music player and media manager on ANDROID then perhaps it's time for a change. There are plenty of cool Media apps that looks and works better than default apps. Here is a list of five best MP3 and MEDIA apps recommended by bOtskOOl team for all you ANDROID lovers.

gogle android

Features: MP3 Player|Recorder|Radio Streaming|Ringtones|Games|Instruments

[#1] Diggin: The Coolest one[recommended]

diggin for android

Diggin is about playing your favorite music instantly, wherever you are and wherever you're going. And if you don't have any music that fits your mood, you'll have access to thousands of streaming radio stations as well. Make the player your very own by drawing or writing on the music crates and picking your favorite color for the player interface. Check out the automatically downloaded album covers for your music. Lyrics for the playing song will always be readily available, whether it is from your own collection or even a song off the radio.

Developer: Digginmobile

[#2] MixZing Music Player for Android: [recommended]

mixZing for android

The MixZing Music Player for Android is simply the most advanced music player on any platform.

  • Mood Player automatically fills your queue with recommended songs (like iTunes Genius, but way better!)
  • Passive or active feedback improves your recommendations and automatically builds playlists
  • Downloads missing album art and displays it in beautiful detail
  • Home-screen widgets with album art
  • Recommends new music to discover
  • Artist biographies and photos
  • And above all its free !

Developer: Mixzing

[#3] HiFi Recorder: [for Journalists]

hifi recorder for android
hifirecorder for android

HiFi Recorder allows you to record CD quality MP3 or OGG recordings on your Google/Android phone,and send them instantly to a friend. Record a concert with permission of the band! Record a gig, and instantly send to your band mates. Great for Journalists

Developer: Hunter Peress

[#4] SplashPlay: [for Artists]

splashplay for android
splashplay for android

For people who enjoy music and want to learn to play their favorite songs on a musical instrument, SplashPlay offers a mobile application that lets you practice and experience music in an easy and enjoyable way, wherever you are. SplashPlay features a virtual guitar that invites the user for a playful exploration of chords through the touch screen. Favorite songs and tuition videos can be downloaded and shared through the SplashPlay website. Chords appear in sync on the mobile phone and with optionally available hardware, also on the real instrument.

Developer: Splashplay  (visit using your mobile internet browser)

[#5] Rayfarla: [for Artists]

rayfarla for android
rayfarla for android

Rayfarla provides music based entertainment. There are a range of games classified as art, arcade and training. In addition to playing games, you can use Rayfarla to make music with a range of virtual musical instruments.


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