Now scan barcode of any product lying nearby, using your android camera and guess what? It will automatically get full product information via internet. Barcode Scanner for Android is one of the freeware application that has made huge impact in the mobile world. Imagine yourself in a store with Android, scan the product barcode to compare and buy the best products you want.  Let's explore more on the barcode scanner and see how it works.


Barcode Scanner for Android

barcode scanner for android
barcode scanner for android

Developer: ZXing Team


Barcode Scanner uses the camera on your Android phone to scan the barcodes and search for right product information such as prices reviews and other details.Barcode Scanner is based on the open source ZXing Barcode Library.

As claimed by the developer it also reads 2D barcodes, called QR Codes, which may contain links to web sites, contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses, map locations and much more. Now you can scan barcodes on DVDs/CDs, books, and other products, then look up prices and reviews, or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs.

See it yourself to believe.

Probably now you know there is a lot you can do with barcode scanner using your Android mobile phone. Here is a direct download link- for all you Android freaks.

Download Link | .APK file