An Intuitive Laptop Design Concept - Rolltop

Rolltop is a totally new and a very intuitive laptop design concept which has the potential to replace the conventional laptops. So what's so different about Rolltop? It is a completely new notebook design. This ultra portable gadget has an innovative screen design that rolls up like a canvas scroll!

Rolltop - scrollable canvas

The flexible display is a new concept in notebook design, based on OLED-display technology, which allows for unfurling and convolving portable computer instead of the traditional bookformed laptop.

Rolltop - flexible display

The rolltop doesn't have a keyboard, instead a portion of the multi-touch screen will act as a keyboard! Additionally you can fold the screen at any angle like a sheet.

Rolltop - multi-touch screen will act as keyboard

It's weight is comparable to a typical mini-notebook. The best part is that if you want to watch a movie just straighten out your Rolltop and its 13-inch monitor display will now transform into a 17-inch flat screen!

Rolltop - tablet form

Moreover, Rolltop has a detachable holder which contains all the computer utilities such as webcam, loudspeaker, USB port, power supply, etc. There is also an interactive pen integrated in Rolltop. This is really an all-in-one out-of-box gadget.

Video: Intuitive Rolltop design concept in action, its awesome!