How to check number of connections on Linkedin if we exceed 500+

When you exceed 500+ connections on, Linkedin doesn't show exact number of contacts on your profile page. But I do know we are always curious to find out how many connections do I have on Linkedin. I thought it will be as simple as going to your connections however they just dont keep it obvious.


So just go to your connections and try scrolling the page where your connections gets loaded via lazy loading.

Viola! You see I have 581 connections.

Just check out the screenshots.

I'm not sure how do I see it on Mobile or touch website . If you have any more hacks to see how many connections do we have on linkedin if we exceed 500+ connections, do share your comments below. I know this is not a big deal to write about it, never the less I felt like writing on botskool after a long.

Share your thoughts and let us know if you want to write for botskool. :)